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  1. Kids 3-8 years of age may participate. The child must be within the 3-8 years old age range on or before 9/21/2024. No entry fees. Depending on participation, the event may be broken down into two groups.
  2. Any regular electric power wheel is allowed. No 4-wheeler type vehicles are allowed (ie. Gator style, tractor style, ATV). The child’s legs must be inside the compartment at all times. Ride in the power wheel and not on the power wheel.
  3. Helmets must be worn at all times during the derby, bicycle helmets are acceptable. Seatbelts are recommended. Closed toe shoes are required.
  4. No passengers.
  5. The power wheel is allowed to have up to a 12 volt stock battery, no car batteries. The battery must be secured and covered. The battery cannot be in the passenger seat.
  6. All doors, hood and tailgates must be strapped shut. Hood will be secured after inspection by the inspectors. Duct tape and zip ties may be used to keep doors shut. No sharp edges.
  7. Height of power wheel is to remain stock, no lifting of the rear nor front.
  8. Stock tires only, the tires may be covered with duct tape to prevent them from breaking or cracking. No chains, studs, screws, foam nor water may be added to tires.
  9. If power wheel has more than one speed, low speed must be utilized. The motor must be a stock motor.
  10. Decorative changes may be made to the power wheel to make it resemble a derby car, changes can only be for decorative purposes and no reinforcements to the power wheel.
  11. If the child gets out of the power wheel during the parade or derby, they will not be able to participate.
  12. All power wheels will be checked in in the pit area and impounded until time of the event.
  13. One parent will be allowed in the pit area during the derby.
  14. The power wheel must be operated by the child and not by remote.
  15. Power wheels will be inspected between 3pm – 4pm and the event will begin at 4:30 with a parade of power wheels, followed by the derby.
  16. Entries must be received by Saturday September 21. Form can be found on the Five County Fair website, under the contests tab.
  17. At all times remember this is for the kids. Any power wheel found unsafe or with unfair advantages will not be permitted to complete. Do not add something that could cause them not to be able to participate. This is for fun, teach them good sportsmanship.

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