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Youth Sheep 

Advisor: Jason Geesaman

Arrive: Tuesday, Sept 24, From 10AM - 4PM

Show: Tuesday, Sept 24, to Follow Beef Cattle Show

Released: Sunday, Sept 29, From 1 - 3PM

  1. All sheep entered must be shown to be eligible for premiums.

  2. Exhibitors are limited to ONE entry per class.

  3. All entry forms are to be filled out in BALLPOINT PEN and must be mailed. Use enclosed form for entries.

  4. Each exhibitor will exhibit his or her own animals in the show ring. If the owner cannot be present, the animal will not show. 

  5. Liability for the animals exhibited shall rest with the owner of the animals. 

  6. Only one attendants pass will be allowed to each exhibitor of sheep.

  7. Animals from quarantined herds will not be permitted to enter the show. 

  8. All sheep must have a SCRAPIES TAG.

  9. Fair will not feed, water or clean up after sheep.

  10. No exhibitor, advisor, or supervisor shall talk to the judge or call attention to an exhibit preceding or during the judging. If he or she does so and it is brought to the attention of the management the exhibitor shall forfeit to the Fair Association any prize that may have been awarded. 

  11. Prizes will be awarded only if the exhibit is worthy, even though there is only one entry in a class. The degree of the prizes will be determined solely by the judges.

  12. The Fair Association will do all in its power to prevent injury, loss, or damage to all exhibits; but the FAIR ASSOCIATION does not assume liability in case of such injury, loss, or damage.

  13. The decision of the judge is final.

  14. All bedding will be provided by the Fair.

  15. If, in the opinion of the Fair Committee, an exhibitor willfully violates the rules governing the fair, all premiums won by them will be forfeited.

  16. Protest of any entry will be given to the Protest Committee for final decision. Committee members are: Bobby Long, Mary Beth Geesaman and Auburn Estes

  17. Market (Lambs), Class set-up by weight Day of the Show.

Group A (5-7 years) - Group B (8-13 years) - Group C (14-19 years)


Department A: Meat Breed

Department B: Hair Sheep Meat Class

Department C: Market Lamb (Male or female, no intact males, 80-140 lbs, one year old or younger) (See Rules)


Class 23- Jr. Ewe Lamb (after Jan 1 of current year) - 20.00 - 15.00 - 10.00

Class 24- Sr. Ewe Lamb (09/23 – 12/31/23) - 20.00 - 15.00 - 10.00

Class 25- Yearling Ewe (1 yr. and under 2) - 20.00 - 15.00 - 10.00

Class 26- Aged Ewe (2rs and over) - 20.00 - 15.00 - 10.00

Class 27- Showmanship- Group A, B, and C - 20.00 - 15.00 - 10.00


Grand Champion Trophy + Rosette

Reserve Champion Rosette


Submit your entries here:

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